Bob's Garage started as a small shop operation in 1996, in New Orleans, restoring antique cars and trucks. As a natural addition, vintage gas pumps were done as an accessory decoration. Little by little, additional restoration opportunities appeared, especially vintage soda machines,signs and soda fountain pieces.

In 2005, hurricane Katrina destroyed the shop, Bob's home, and decimated the city. As a native of the Atlanta area, the obvious place to rebuild the business was Marietta, GA. With the help of a loyal customer base and a lot of hard work, Bob's Garage & Retro Station came back bigger and better than ever, now nationally as well as internationally recognized as the industry leader in high quality retro products. We will always be grateful to our customer base who brought us back to life years ago and whose loyalty keeps us on the top of our game.

Bob Halliday
The boss, the cheese ... the "Bob" in Bob's Garage
He know's his stuff. No better professional restoration specialist or retro designer in the business
and if you're going to work for him ... you better be good!

Holli Hobbs "Holli"
She is as pretty as a Georgia peach and handles customer service and administration.
Nothing gets by her and she's sharp as a tack. "What's she doing here" you ask?

Chris Winn "Chris"
He is our mechanic/welder/assembler extraordinaire! There is nothing he can't disassemble or put together. He's also great with cars.

Jerome Howard "The ice man"
He is our refrigeration tech. Lots of years experience and he can make your soft drink ice cold even in the August heat in the South.

Tony "Mr T" Burnette
Senior Tech
Tony can fabricate anything and he's our Gas Pump Expert And Gas Pump Restoration Specialist.

Gary "Bubba" Ragle
Rust and dents don't stand a chance here!
Gary is the heart of Bob's Garage. Senior Spray Tech and Sheet Metal Specialist.

Joe Wolf

Joe Wolf
Joe "The Wolfman" Wolf is our shop supervisor. He's been doing restorations for years and is one of the best.
Whether it's fabricating, welding, painting, electronics genius or designing, he's always spot on.

Spencer Surmont

Spencer Surmont
Spencer "Junior" Surmont is our crate man, assembler and our "get it done" guy. And he's so cool
that in 100 degree heat, he doesn't even break a sweat.

Craig Hughes

Craig Hughes
Craig Hughes "Dusty" is a Paint tech. This guy is an oldie but a goodie. He's an artist in the paint booth.
Dusty comes from the old school show car era.

Laurel "Miss Laurel" Halliday
Our bookkeeper
Besides being beautiful, she keeps a good set of books. And she's the smartest person I know. Way over-qualified.

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