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Crosley Radio & Telephone

Crosley is the first name in vintage style radios and telephones and these are the coolest retro designs today. Radio boasts AM/FM reception with top loading CD player. Grill work reminiscent of classic automotive and aviation styling and an overall 40's art-deco look. The 50's style pay telephone is a REAL phone with push button dialing (no coin required) Perfect for game room, soda fountain, gas station or anywhere. 

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Item # CRB (Radio) $149.95 list    Our Price $119.95
Item # CTB (Telephone) $149.95 list    Our Price $119.95

Drive In food

Great for car shows, photo shoots, as movie props or just that authentic touch to your "Diner", "Drive-in" or "Soda Fountain" retro theme set ups or display cases, these are authentic photo quality "faux" food items and Diner/Drive-in service items.

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Plastic Burger Basket (yellow)
Classic Cruiser food carton
Mustard & Ketchup squirt bottles (pr)
Large Popcorn container
Drive-in Menu
Car Hop Service Card With Stand
Carhop tray only
Display Hamburger
Display French Fries
Display Strawberry Milkshake Lg
Display Onion Rings

1950's Drive-in Signs

Drive-in Movie Intermission: Dancing Popcorn, Soda, & Hot Dog Signs

These 1950's famous drive-in intermission characters were usually accompanied by that dopey "Let's All Go To The Lobby" song...the signal for a mad stampede to get food from the concession. Display these 6" tall signs in your TV room along with your Bob's Garage Drive-in Movie Speakers.
Beautifully crafted set of 3.

Add to cart   Item # DF3  List price $45.95   Our Price $39.95!

Cool Hot Rod Stuff

Dashboard Hula Doll

Beautifully detailed 1950's style self adhesive Dashboard Hula Doll with Uke. This 6" tall gal looks great on any retro dashboard.

Add to cart   Item # HD1 List price $25.95   Our Price $18.95!

Fuzzy Dice

A rear view mirror ornament for any Rod or Classic. Your choice of white, black, red, pink, or blue. Comes with elastic hanging cord.

Add to cart   Item # FD List price $8.95   Our Price $4.95!

Classic 8 Ball Key Chain

1" diameter 8 Ball is just the thing to add a touch of pool room class to that beast you're driving and just the right size too. It's the little things that count....

Add to cart   Item # 8BK List price $11.95   Our Price $8.95!

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