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Drive-In Movie Speakers

Theater quality sound! New reproduction antique drive-in movie speakers with new post and base. Made from original molds! Red lens on junction box lights up. Logo decals and your choice of motif: Silver Rocket Drive-in or Red Coca-Cola Drive-in. Can be hooked up to most any sound source. VERY nostalgic!!

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Add to cart DMS64   Retail $399.95     OUR PRICE $349.95!!

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Lobby Signs

Bullet Trash Cans
15 Gallon Bullet Cans

Bullet trash cans with your choice of oil company decal, theme decal, or plain. Gas & Oil logos available ie: Texaco, Shell, Gulf, Sinclair etc. Soda logos available ie: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Orange Crush, etc.

They were everywhere during the '50's, gas stations, malt shops, drive-in movies, etc. Powder coated 15 gal. steel bullet cans, UL listed, FM approved, fire safe and self extinguishing, rust-proof galvanized steel liner, in black, white, red and green.   With decal.
Add to cart BC15    Retail $329.95     OUR PRICE $289.95

12 Gallon Bullet Cans

Available logos / colors: Texaco Star (red), Texaco Fire Chief (red), Sinclair DINO (green), RT 66 (white), Pepsi (blue), Polly Gas (Black), GULF (orange), SHELL (yellow), Mobilgas (red), Flying A (white), Phillips 66 (black) and others. Custom logos available.
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Add to cartBC12     List Price $199.95     Our Price $169.95

Coca-Cola Waste Cans

Coca-Cola Bullet

Solid Coca-Cola red 15 gallon steel bullet can with removable galvanized liner. Made in the USA

Add to cartItem # CCBC1     List Price $349.95     Our Price $299.95

            Coca-Cola 12 gallon steel bullet can
Add to cartItem # BC12     List Price $239.95     Our Price $189.95

Coca-Cola Step-on Cans

Step-on stainless Coca-Cola waste can has removable liner. Compact size approximately 24" H X 12" diameter will hold about a million bottle caps. Just perfect to catch them if you set it right under a Coca-Cola bottle opener. Will actually work most anywhere. Great collectible and priced right

Add to cartItem # CCWC     List Price $139.95     Our Price $99.95

rag can
Step-On Garage Rag Can

Put those oily/dirty rags in their place. Stainless steel Rag Can holds all your dirty rags. Removable liner. Approx 20" H X 14" diameter, these cans come in Shell yellow, Gulf orange, Sinclair green, Texaco or Mobil red, Esso white, black and others (Call) Logo and flame graphics included.
Add to cart RC17  Retail $139.95    Our Price $ 99.95!

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