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The Restoration Process
Bob's Garage restored vintage gas pumps are completely disassembled and motor and pump removed. In most cases, sandblasting/rust removal is required and a heavy epoxy primer is applied when rust is present. Each panel is then painted with multiple coats of automotive acrylic enamel paint mixed from the original paint codes.

The meter is cleaned and reworked, lights rewired, all sheet metal trim, signs and decals are attached, and new glass and gaskets installed. All components are then mounted in the frame and the panels reattached and finally the proper globe affixed to the top. We spare no expense and pay strict attention to detail to ensure a first quality antique restoration that will last for years and appreciate in value. (scroll down to view pumps)

Do you have an old gas pump that you need to have restored? Send it to us and we'll send it back to you looking like new.   Call Bob 678 494-2996

We provide our restored antique electric gas pumps to the Veeder Root Company!
Other satisfied customers include Disney, Saks Fifth Ave.,, TransMontaigne, Mobil Oil, Speed Television Network, Johns Hopkins University, and others.
*Note: Veeder Root invented the electric gas pump computer in the late 1930's that allowed the calculation of sale based on gallons delivered and current price per gallon.

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I need it

Sorry, but I have no idea what that gas pump or soda machine that you have in the garage or that you're neighbor is trying to sell you is worth. It's impossible for me to inspect, look at, visualize or otherwise peruse these pieces from thousands of miles away in order to give you an accurate valuation. Sorry, it's just impossible. I do appraisals either hands on or with lots of high quality digital pictures. Call me for a price.

Bob's Easy Payment Terms: 50% deposit buys the gas pump and begins the build (restoration). The balance is due when it's complete. Build time varies. Credit cards preferred but we also take money orders, bank wire transfers and cash.


1947 Tokheim Model 39 Cut-Down
1947 Tokheim Model 39 Cut-Down

Interesting example of a post-war Tokheim Cut Down 39 (Tall). Ad glass over the window. Texaco green and red

Add to Cart Item # GP8002   Price $5495

1938 Gilbert & Barker Model 96C Sunray

1938 Gilbert & Barker Model 96C Sunray

Beautiful authentic yellow and orange paint scheme highlight this Sunray Gilbert & Barker early electric gas pump. Completely restored inside and out. Correct Gilbarco nozzle. Museum quality. (Rolling Stand Not Included)

Add to Cart Item # GB96CSUN   Price $5495

Rolling Stand
1939 Tokheim Model 39 (Tall)  Signal Gasoline

1939 Tokheim Model 39 (Tall) Signal Gasoline

Impressive size and paint scheme, this Tokheim 39 Tall Signal Gasoline pump signaled that the end of the pre-war, "tall" pump era was coming to a close. This magnificent example with it's vintage gas brand is near mint. Completely restored. Correct Tokheim nozzle. Near mint. (Rolling Stand Not Included)

Add to Cart Item # TK39TLSIG   Price $6495

Rolling Stand
1957 Tokheim300

1957 Tokheim Model 300 restored to Flying A

"Classic design, beautifully restored" (Rolling Stand Not Included)

Add to Cart Item # RGP300   Price $5495

Rolling Stand
1955 Tokheim300

1955 Tokheim Model 300 American

Unusual American (Standard) pump from 1955. Striped paint scheme is authentic. Beautiful red and white example.

Add to Cart Item # RGP300A   Price $5495

1947 Tokheim792

1947 Tokheim Model 39L restored to Shell

Absolutely beautiful colors on this classic 1947 Tokheim model 39 restored to Shell Gasoline. Restoration utilized most of the originial trim. Correct vintage nozzle and new recoil hose. Correct era Shell colors. Working lights. Very Authentic

Add to Cart Item # GP792   Price $5495

Rolling Stand

1955 Wayne model 505

This is an early muscle car pump. Beautiful correct colors. Most trim is original. New GoodYear hose and period correct nozzle. Lighted ad glass model with retractable hose/cable.

Impressive, high quality restoration. This is a Wayne .... with price reduction.(Rolling Stand Not Included)

Add to Cart Item # W505   Price $4995

Rolling Stand
1920 Gilbarco 66

1920 Gilbarco Model 66 Pre-visible Curbside Gas Pump Restored to Flying A colors. Bronze fittings and nozzle. 5 gallon capacity. Original light fixture, hose and nozzle. New gallon markers & dial face
Call Bob for selection and prices.

1925 Southwest Visible Gas Pump

Wish we had "Before" pictures of this pump. Excellent restoration on a really rusted out old pump. Absolutely beautiful and wonderful example of the visible era.
Call Bob for selection and prices.

1910 Bowser Red Sentry Model 241 Pre-Visible Gas Pump


1920's Rush 10 Gallon Visible Gas Pump

Visible gas pump (manual pump) from the 1920's. We have a selection of this type antique pump available in any color and/or gas brand. These are beautiful restored antiques that require a high ceiling to put inside. Heights range from approximately 9 to 11 feet tall but have only about a 2 sq ft "footprint".
Call Bob for selection and prices.

1953 Gilbarco 9061953 Gilbarco model 906 with "V" trim. This beautiful antique gas pump has been restored using new reproduction doors and top. Original stainless trim and vintage nozzle with working lights. All new rubber, lighted globe and several coats of acrylic enamel in correct Texaco era red and white. Looks absolutely completely original. These 900 series Gilbarco "Calco-meter" antique pumps are also available in Sinclair Dino (white w/ green doors) and Good Gulf (white w/ orange doors). Others available as custom so please call Bob.

Add to Cart Item # GGP953  Price $4495

1952 Gilbert & Barker (Gilbarco) Model 906 (Hudson Gasoline)
Great colors and interesting brand on a classic style Gilbarco pump. Beautiful pump and good value

Add to Cart Item # GB96CBL  Price $4495

1938 Gilbert & Barker 1938 Gilbert & Barker Model 96C
This 90 series pre-war Gilbarco is restored to Beeline. Custom ad glass, custom paint scheme, metal globe body.etc. Extremely interesting "bumble bee" colors and authentic period paint scheme. Will look great anywhere you put it.

Add to Cart Item # GB96CBL  Price $5495

1940 Bennet Mobilgas Pin stripe1940 Bennett Model 541 restored to Mobilgas. 500 series Bennett fixed hose gas pump in authentic Mobilgas colors. Original on/off pump handle, nozzle, etc. New faces, sight glass, hose, ad glass and globe. Working lights and correct color scheme. Rare collector pump in 30's art-deco style. (Also available in Gilmore, Sinclair and possibly others. Call for further information.)

Add to Cart Item # RGP910   Price $6495

Pinstriping Available

Pinstriping with a contrasting color, red, white, black, blue, green, yellow .... $50/pump

1947 Tokheim 39 Now this is a beautiful antique gas pump! Classic 1947 Tokheim model 39 restored to Blue Sunoco. Restoration utilized most of the originial trim. Vintage nozzle and new hose. Correct era Sunoco colors. Working lights. Classic beauty.

Add to Cart Item # GP792   Price $5495

1948 Tokheim 39
1948 Tokheim Model 39

Tokheim 39 with door locks at bottom of door. Beautiful example of a classic pump.(Rolling Stand Not Included)

Add to Cart Item # GP792   Price $5495

Rolling Stand
1953 Tokheim 39 Classic 1953 Tokheim model 39 Lowboy dressed out in snappy Sinclair Power-X green and white. Working lights, recoil hose with retractor cord. Beautiful authentic Sinclair colors. Detailed right down to the authentic ID tag. One of a kind and a beautiful restoration

Add to Cart Item # GP792   List Price $5495

1949 Bennett Model 766 as Shell 1949 Bennett Model 766 as Shell Outstanding restoration. Authentic Shell paint scheme and correct era colors. Classic styling. Just as you would see it on the pump island, in a 50's era service station.

Add to Cart Item # BGPS766   Price $5495

Good Gulf 1948 Bennett model 766 restored to Good Gulf (Gulf). Beautiful example of a very collectible antique gas pump. Correct Gulf orange and white acrylic enamel. Retractable hose, new lights and trim.

Add to Cart Item # BGP 929  Price $5495

1955 Bowser Skelly1955 Bowser model 595-C "Teleview" gas pump restored to Texaco Fire Chief or Skelly Oil. Beautiful example of early muscle car pump, got it's name because it's square "screen" resembled an early television. Excellent restoration with ad glass, working lights and lighted sight glass.

Add to Cart Item # BO595  Price $4995

1935 National Model A1

1935 National Model A1

Early electric gas pump. Very art-deco. Beautiful restoration inside and out. Picture speaks for itself. 15" Metal globe body. Visi-gauge. Absolutely awesome example with a high collector value. For the discriminating collector.

Add to Cart Item # RPA1  Price $10,595

1940 National Model A38

1940 National Model A38 (Flying A)

One of the most prized collector antique gas pumps there is, this fantastic art deco pump has been restored inside and out with correct era Flying A color scheme and paint colors. Museum quality. None Finer. (Rolling Stand Not Included)

Add to Cart Item # RPA38  Price $8595

Rolling Stand

Mobilgas Excellent Graphics!!1935 Wayne 60 Electric Calculating Pump restored to Mobilgas Special. The finest example of this classic collector pump you'll ever see inside and out. No expense spared. New hose, base, ad glass, sight glass, porcelain, stainless trim, working lights etc. Several coats of Mobil red acrylic enamel. Lots of brass. Very complete and correct. Museum quality. (Rolling Stand Not Included)

Rolling Stand

Add to Cart Item # WN60MG   Price $7795

Gilmore Pump
Handle Crank
Handle Crank
1935 Gilbert & Barker Model 86 Electric Pump restored to Gilmore. Great graphics. Correct colors and all trim is original. Brass ID and Nozzle. Working lights. New hose ad glass, sight glass, etc. Extraordinary detail. Very straight. Very Collectible. Rare one of a kind vintage gas pump.

Add to Cart Item # GB86G  Price $5895

1935 Tokheim36

1935 Tokheim Model 36B as GULF Oil

Completely restored inside and out. Outstanding example

Add to CartItem # RGPT36   Price $7795

1953 Bennett 1953 Bennett 966 restored to Hancock. All original stainless trim, handles, knobs and ID tag. New beautiful red and white acrylic enamel paint (correct code), hose and ad glass. Working lights and recoil hose.

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Item # BGP966  Price $5495

Rolling Gas Pump Stand

Cabinet quality 32" X 20" rolling gas pump stand holds a maximum weight of 450#. Made of select hardwood with rubber wheel swivel casters that are not visible from the outside. Very stable. Sized to suit most any vintage gas pump. Move that pump from room to room with ease and add that professional touch to your collectible. Satin polyurethane medium cherry finish.

Add to CartItem # RGPS   List Price $339      

Our Price Only $299.95!!

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Custom pump work done on request.
Good selection of unrestored pumps available from $550 up.
Pump type limited to stock on hand. Call Bob for availability.
We also do gas pump and soda machine restoration estimates.

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$10 service charge on orders under $50

Items shipped from Bob's Garage are packed with the utmost care, however, delivery to shipper constitutes delivery to purchaser. All claims for missing or damaged merchandise must be filed with the carrier within five days of receipt of goods.
For additional pricing and product information email Bob directly.
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