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Bob's Garage Full Size Steel Reproduction Gas Pump specifications:

Steel construction with steel base. Complete from every side including meter windows (white numbered computer faces) on front and back. Pumps come with all accessories and hardware including real GoodYear hose, vintage nozzle, all rubber seals, window glass, light switch, decals, reset crank handle, Contains Lead sign, lighted ad glass (PREMIUM or REGULAR) and lighted globe. You get your choice of color (s) and logo. These repro pumps are as close to the real thing as you can get ... ANYWHERE ... and are modeled after REAL gas pumps. Check our features against any other reproduction gas pumps out there.

1932 Wayne Model 861 Clockface Gas Pump

Very early electric clockface gas pump. Authentic reproduction has lighted light shades (and faces), movable clock hands, visi-gauge (sight glass), lighted globe and comes in your choice of gas brand and color (s). Steel construction. Finest example of a reproduction clockface pump on the market.

Add to Cart   Item # CRP       List Price $1995       Our Price Only $1595!!

WWII Bomber Gas Pump (Aviation)
With a salute to our war veterans, we present the aviation theme "Bomber Pump". Dressed out in authentic WWII bomber colors (camo and blue), this full size realistic 40's era pump comes complete with correct era Air Force insignia, bomb silhouettes and lighted aviation globe. Navigate one into your collection, gameroom, office, tarmac or hanger next to your vintage plane.

Add to Cart   Item # RGPBP       $1350

Bennett 342
Bennett model 342 (1940's style)

This authentic reproduction of a classic 1940's Bennett gas pump is shown here dressed out as a correct era GULF (GOC) pump. This beautiful full size steel gas pump, complete from every side, Acrylic Enamel automotive finish for durability indoors our out (red, blue, yellow, white, green, orange) or any two-tone combination. Choose from Texaco, Gulf, Shell, Sinclair or PURE. Comes complete with lighted globe, decals, hose and vintage nozzle. Suitable for display indoors or out. 77" H X 24" W X 18" D This is an actual full size reproduction gas pump.
Bennett 342
Add to Cart   Item # RGP466       $1199

Erie Model 129 (1950's style)

Erie 129

This Acrylic Enamel automotive finish reproduction gas pump is a beautiful example of a classic 50's style electric pump and comes with lighted faces and globe, sightglass, lighted ad glass, reset crank handle, sight glass spinner marbles, contains lead sign, vintage nozzle and in your choice of red/white Mobilgas, Texaco Star or Texaco Fire Chief, green/white Siniclair Dino, orange/white Gulf, red/yellow Shell or black/green Polly Gas. 82" tall with globe. Compare this beautiful pump to any others out there ... better craftsmanship and more features for authenticity.

Introductory price: Add to Cart   Item # REP129       Price $ 1450

Personalize your pump with custom ad glass (where it says REGULAR) with your name, nickname, shop name ie: "Ted's Garage, Moe's Rod Shop, Gas Pump Jack", up to 16 letters in black on white. $49.95

Ad Glass

Contains Lead Sign

Reset Crank Handle

Wayne 511

NEW1958 Wayne Model 511 Custom Blend Gas Pump

Authentic reproduction of the early "muscle car" 9 blend gas pump. Avaliable as Sunoco, Texaco, Phillips 66, Sinclair DINO, Shell, and others (please call). Comes complete with Blend-O-Matic panel. Stainless window frames, beautiful acrylic enamel correct color scheme and correct decals ... just like the original. Lighted faces. This is a very accurate reproduction of an extremly popular and rare antique gas pump at less than half the price. Steel construction. (Rolling Stand Not Included)

Introductory price: Add to Cart

Item # RP511 Price $ 1495

Rolling Stand

1910 Bowser    1910 Bowser

NEW1910 Bowser "Chief" Pre-visible (Curb) Pump

Very Authentic reproduction of a very early hand operated gas pump. Steel construction. 19" base diameter X 95" tall. Lighted globe. Base drilled for mounting. Your choice of color and gas decal. Includes hand crank, hose and correct era nozzle.

Item # RP-BOW             Call for price

Rat  Repro
"Old Rusty" 1950's Gas Pump

This old rusty gas pump is really a reproduction steel construction that only looks old and rusty. Realistic (acrylic) window cracks, bullet holes, scrapes and rust make this the perfect pump for that "original, rustic or distressed" theme look. Comes with lighted globe, new GoodYear hose and vintage nozzle. Great movie prop, set decoration, etc.

Add to Cart Item # ORGP342 $1250

Bennett Model 342 Display Gas Pump

Our Bennett Model 342 Reproduction Texaco Star Display Gas Pump features a lighted cabinet with 3 acrylic 13" shelves and plenty of room to display your collectibles. Lighted globe and face, reset crank handle, GoodYear hose and vintage nozzle are standard. Steel construction.

Add to Cart Item # DRGP $1495

refrigerator pump refrigerator pump
Erie Model 129 Fridge Pump

Our refrigerator reproduction gas pump comes in your choice of colors and gas brand. It features a refrigerator that cools to 32F below the ambient temperature and holds six 12-oz. cans (4L capacity) of your favorite beverage or snacks. Diamond plate door with easy access to the "fridge".
Standard are lighted globe, faces and ad glass, GoodYear hose, vintage nozzle and reset crank handle. Steel construction. Perfect for that "Man Cave" or tricked-out garage..

Add to Cart Item # FRGP $1799

Items shipped from Bob's Garage are packed with the utmost care, however, delivery to shipper constitutes delivery to purchaser. All claims for missing or damaged merchandise must be filed with the carrier within five days of receipt of goods.
Antique vs. Reproduction Gas Pumps

If you're trying to decide between a reproduction and restored antique gas pump look at this:
Antique gas pumps are just thatů..antiques and pieces of disappearing Americana.
Reproductions are decorations that look like antique gas pumps.
Antique gas pumps appreciate in value to the tune of double, about every 8 to 10 years.
Reproductions will appreciate in value but not nearly as much or as fast.
Antique gas pumps are a finite commodity. Fewer than 50,000 left in the US.
Reproductions can be stamped out at the rate of several per day.
Antique gas pumps are nostalgic and bring back fond memories of simpler times.
Reproduction gas pumps look like something you remember.

Just look at it this way: Are you looking for an important piece of US automotive history or a decoration? Both are important considerations. Choose which is best for you and your needs.

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