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Items shown here are for representational purposes only and may or may not be available for purchase. Please call for availability and price. We keep some stock of unrestored soda machines. Call for availability.


Sorry, but I have no idea what that gas pump or soda machine
that you're neighbor is trying to sell you is worth. It's impossible
for me to inspect, look at, visualize or otherwise peruse these
pieces, from thousands of miles away in order to give you an
accurate valuation. Sorry, it's just impossible....

Before and After

Make your rusty old
antique soda machine....

Look and work like new!
Send it to us to restore!

Call for availability. Stock changes monthly.

1950's Kelvinator Model 180 RC Nehi Self Serve Soda Machine

Four Lid Royal Crown / NEHI Self Serve machine with new refrigeration unit. Beautiful example of the type machine used in soda shops, country stores, mom and pop grocery stores, gas stations and just anywhere there was some kid or teenager traffic.

Perfect size for the man cave, garage, game room or soda fountain.

Item # RC483Buy Now!  Price $4695

Late 1940's, early 1950's vintage Ideal 55 slider
restored to Royal Crown Cola.
Embossed all around. Recent restoration, complete, and in absolutely beautiful condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Rare RC slider.

Item # RC482Buy Now!   Price $4695

Pepsi Machine

Ideal Model 55 Pepsi-Cola Slider Machine Late 40's Early 50's
Mid 50's Pepsi-Cola (single dot) Ideal Model 55 Slider machine. Bottles slide through the rack and up through the vending gate. No coins needed (free vend). Restored inside and out. Correct Pepsi blue with large Pepsi-Cola embossing on the front. New stainless lid. Just about as good as it gets.

Item # PCM300Buy Now!   Price $4695

Barq's Machine

Ideal Model 55 Barq's Root Beer Slider Machine 1950's
Unusual Barq's Root Beer Ideal slider machine. Original Barq's blue and authentic graphics. Non-embossed.

Item # BRBBuy Now!   Price $4695

Glasco Model 50 Dr Pepper Slider Machine 40's/50's
Beautiful Dr Pepper Glasco Model 50 slider machine. Original Dr Pepper green and authentic vintage graphics. Non-embossed.

Item # DP55Buy Now!       Price $4695

Glasco Model 50 Coca-Cola
Early 50's Glasco 50 Coca-Cola almost identical to Ideal 55. The only slider used by Coca-Cola New refrigeration, wiring harness....the usual complete restoration and beautiful.

Item # GLC50Buy Now!       Price $4695

1937 Westinghouse Master Electric. 
Reconditioned (Warranty) cooling unit. New lids, hinges, handles, cap catcher, bottle opener, access door, thermostat, wiring, drain, lid seals, and Coca-Cola red acrylic enamel paint. Capacity 110 8 oz bottles but will hold most any size. Beautiful example. 

Item # WMEBuy Now!   Price $4695

Westinghouse Master Ice
Same machine as above but as an ice cooler box (non-electric) and has a case size storage shelf below.

Item # WMIBuy Now!   Price $3995

Westinghouse 6 Case Master (late 40's)
"Electric cooled ... extra cold"

Item # W6CMBuy Now!   Price $4695

Cavalier CD 12
Cavalier CD 12 Chest Cooler

Buy Now! Item # CD12   Price $4695

1940's Vendo V-23  Spin-Top
1940's Vendo V-23 "Spin-Top"

Westinghouse WD 12 Chest Cooler
Same as above but solid red and painted lids.

Item # WD12Buy Now!   Price $4695

1955 Narco Model 50B
Restored 9 ft. Narco model 50B Coca-Cola 2-tone machine with counter top.
Sorry ..this belongs to a customer.

1940's General Electric Master Electric

Call for availability. Stock changes monthly.

Coke Machine
Cavalier C-51
Item # CAV51Buy Now!
Price $5495

Mountain Dew
1966 VMC 56
Item # VMCMDBuy Now!
Price $4495

1963 VMC 56

Vendo 39
Item # VEND39Buy Now!
Price $5495

Item # VENDO83 Buy Now!
Price $5495
Cavalier 96
Cavalier Model 96
Item # CAV96Buy Now!
Price $5495
Vendo V63
1959 Vendo V-63
Item # VENDO63Buy Now!
Price $4495

1956 Vendo 81
Item # VENDO81 Buy Now!
Price $8250

1957 Cavalier 96
Item#CAV96ABuy Now!
Price $5495

1958 Cavalier 72
Item # CAV72Buy Now!
Price $5495

1957 Cavalier 72
Item # CAV72ABuy Now!
Price $5495

Vendo 6 Case
Item # VENDO6C Buy Now!
Price $5995

1958 Vendo 80
Item # VEN80Buy Now!
Price $5495


Cavalier 2 Case Office Cooler
Item # CAVOCBuy Now!
Price $4495

Vendo 23
Item # VENDO23Buy Now!
Price $4495

Give That Newer Style Coke Machine That 50's Vintage Look

Send us your newer style upright soda machine for a vintage update. Working or not, we can give it that vintage look and install new cooling components if necessary.
Call Bob at 678 494-2996

Restored vintage 40's and 50's candy and cigarette machines
Call for availability. Stock changes monthly.

Cigarette Machine
National 11 slot cigarette machine

1950's U-Select Candy Machine

Vintage Restored Picnic Coolers

I bet your Dad had one (or 2) of these in the garage as you were growing up. Iconic 1940's and 50's Coca-Cola picnic coolers beautifully restored. Most all are about the same size approximately 20" X 16" (give or take) but they take up hardly any space. Great vintage picnic item or fantastic iconic Coca-Cola vintage collectible. Getting scarce and hard to find. Assorted manufacturers.

Buy Now!Item # CCPC List Price $699. Our Price $650.


Early 50's Westinghouse Refrigerator/Freezer

"Pure Kitchen Retro. Beautifully done, inside and out. Very cold"

Item # WFRIG $1995


Easy Install Condenser Units

Replace that R12 unit with a new R134 unit and eliminate costly and frequent "old technology" repairs. Very similar in size and appearance to vintage Vendo units. Complete condenser units with or without evaporator. Call for price

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